Push Over Artist Feature: Northeast Party House

NPH_BRIDGE_WEBInterview by Ruby-Rose Pivet-Marsh (FReeZA Mentoring Program Participant 2013 / Maribyrnong FReeZA Committee Member / Push Volunteer Writer)

It's been a full on and rather impressive ride for Melbourne band Northeast Party House from pretty much the get-go. Here, skins man Malcolm Besley discusses what 2013 has in store for the band and their upcoming appearance at Push Over.

Could you, for people who may not know, describe your sound in three words that aren't "dance", "party" or "funky"?
Fierce, hectic, jagged!

What have the last 12 months been like for Northeast Party House and what's been the best part?
Lots of writing, jamming, touring, FIFA '11, noise complaints, bush doofs, a kitten (named split system) and crazy crowds. Playing the actual shows and making new friends was the highlight.

If you can narrow it down, what was the best show you've a) played and b) seen, in the last 12 months?
Falls Festival was awesome. An honourable mention goes to an Adelaide show we played on the Stand Tall tour – that crowd was out of control. The crowd did things I have only seen in movies.

What's your favourite song to play live and why?
A new track called 'The Haunted'. I like that it is a slow build. It starts off unassuming and pretty relaxed, by the end it's a big wall of energy and aggression. It's great watching people who haven't heard it before slowly become pulled in by the song.

What does 2013 hold for Northeast Party House?
I believe we can expect an album very soon? Yes an album is in the works, we are all working super hard to make it as good as it can be, so right now we are 100% focussed on that. Once the album is done we will be touring it as much as possible.

And in regards to that album, how are you finding the creative process? Are you finding creating an LP/album vastly different to an EP?
Not Vastly different, but it has been different. We have had a bass player and drummer change plus the addition of another guitarist. It's been slower and harder to write, but for the better in the end. The way we write songs hasn't changed – we jam, then demo them and mess around on the computer with whatever we feel is a good idea at the time.

You're playing Push Over, with it being an All Ages festival; do you expect it to be very different to those [festivals] you have played in the past?
It's a total mystery. We haven't done a huge number of all ages shows, so looking forward to seeing what happens. My guess would be lots of energy due to less sedate oldies pulling the vibe down?

What can the audience expect from Northeast Party House on the day?
I'm not at all sure, which I think is a good thing about our shows. We usually decide on the day what we are going to do (if at all), run around like crazy trying to organise it last minute, that way we have spontaneity when we play. From past experience Jackson will probably wear something ridiculous, possible Teddy-bear sacrifices (from the audience), inflatable device crowd surfing. If we are outdoors then hopefully it will be less sweaty than usual.

What other Push Over acts are you keen to see?
I'm keen to see as much as possible, there are plenty of bands on the line up we haven't had the pleasure of seeing. I hope afterwards I will have a new favourite band. Some favourites from past shows are Violent Soho, Millions and DZ Deathrays.

Cats or dogs? It's hard to put one over the other. Persian Cats and French Bull Dog are favs. If I could have the pets I wanted I would have a Loris, a Tarsier, a Sloth, a Hedghog and a Chimp who can speak with sign language. But I'll go with team Cats purely because of all the awesome cat videos on YouTube.

Check out Northeast Party House on Monday March 11, 2013 at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl!